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„We couldn't figure out problem that kept occuring and with Okwo Team's fast help we had found the perfect solution for their Okwo service."

~ filipb2004 09/08/2018

„Okwo is a really compact Discord bot for managing your Roblox game from Discord! I 100% recommend it."

~ xDestinoYT 09/10/2018

„Well managed, amazing bot, in general would recommend getting!"

~ jumpingcake422 10/09/2018

„Amazing way to integrate your Discord Server to your Roblox Game. Allows developers the opportunities to create discord commands to work in-game. All in all recommend to all developers on roblox with Discord Communities."

~ b_irdio 10/14/2018



Link your server member's with their Roblox profiles!


Okwo will help you moderate your Discord server!

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